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    Domestic diode manufacturers are emerging as new forces, and there is huge...
    Release Time:2022-1-19 18:24:30

    In recent years, due to the impact of the new crown epidemic, the demand for electronic products has soared, and overseas supply has been affected. Domestic diode manufacturers have risen to the challenge and responded actively, contributing a large number of high-quality diode products to the component market, alleviating the double Market supply pressure has also achieved considerable market returns.

             The outstanding performance of domestic diode manufacturers is not accidental. In recent years, the innovation and upgrading of domestic diodes in the fields of Internet of Things, industrial electronics, new energy vehicles, consumer electronics and other fields of product functional requirements have rapidly expanded the market space of domestic diodes. It is expected that domestic diode sales will reach 30 billion US dollars in 2023, and the rise of domestic diode manufacturers should not be underestimated.


            Today, the mainstream material for making diodes is silicon wafer, because of its mature technology, stable cost and wide application. However, the purification and processing of semiconductor wafers requires a high threshold, and the domestic wafer industry started late, and the technology accumulation is not as good as that of foreign countries. Before 2017, 12-inch semiconductor silicon wafers were almost entirely imported. Therefore, in the face of the capital monopoly of the market, domestic manufacturers accelerated R&D investment and construction of semiconductor silicon wafers, and began to accelerate the breakthrough. According to the analysis of Cinda Securities Research Report, in recent years, many manufacturers have made breakthroughs in semiconductor silicon wafers ranging from 8 inches to 12 inches. At present, there is a huge space for domestic semiconductor silicon wafer replacement, and domestic manufacturers will fully benefit from semiconductor silicon wafers in the future.


            Summary: As the world's largest industrial country, China must be brave in innovation and practice, break through the monopoly of capital, and form its own complete supply chain. Well, the above is all the information about the rise of domestic diode manufacturers and the huge space for domestic replacement of semiconductor silicon wafers. If you want to know more about the selection and specification of semiconductor products such as diodes and transistors, you can pay attention to Freixin, Make a collection and click to consult customer service to bring you more semiconductor industry information.

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